Guemes Island

Guemes ferryGuemes Island originally the location for the Samish tribe’s winter villages has now become the small town home of residents that number in the hundreds not thousands. The true epitome of island living time seems to slow as you step off the ferry boat and onto Guemes. Up ahead is the Guemes Island General store long known as Anderson’s General Store not only is it a favorite eatery of locals and visitors alike but it is the only grocery store serving the small Island and supplies love music on some weekends. Guemes retains it’s rural background with limited facilities and only one place to stay (the Guemes Island Resort) if you are visting unless you wish to rent a vacation home.

Don’t let the slow pace and rolling rural hills fool you, there is plenty to do here on Guemes. Take a bike trip or climb along the Guemes Mountain Trail, try out Geocaching or for the child in you I’ve heard there are some very rare pokemon. Crabbing and bonfires are summer traditions and long lazy nights in front of warm fires fill the winter.

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